While KFC has historically been the first franchise to open shop in many markets, here in Croatia it only opened in December 2011 in a mall in the capital, Zagreb. Expansion is going slowly but surely as the local appetite for fast food grows, with a new KFC opening its doors in Split in early 2017.

Our Visit

We checked out one of the restaurants around 9pm on a brisk Zagreb winter evening. The decor is clean and modern, using a lot of photos of spices, combined with the traditional red, white and wooden colour and texture palette. The staff were super friendly and nice. The menu is stock standard for the most part, with a range of premium burgers and milkshakes on offer. We sampled one of the premium burgers that were being promoted, the Grander Burger. Overall, prices here are quite affordable with 1 piece of chicken costing 10 kuna, or about $1.45.


First opened: 2011
Restaurants: 7
Restaurant density: 1:607,500
Primary cuisine: Fried chicken
Breakfast menu: No
Drinks: Pepsi range, milkshakes, coffee
Serves alcohol: No
Fries cut: Medium thickness
Made to order: Yes
Self-ordering: No
Delivery: No
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Grander Burger

Ingredients: Mushrooms, cheese sauce, Zinger chicken fillet, bacon rashers, rocket, lettuce, tomato, gourmet cheese slice, mayonnaise, in a multigrain bun

Wow. This burger requires two hands. When we visited it appeared to be a new offering. Absolutely packed with ingredients and a bakery-style multigrain bun as opposed to the usual white bread. It really did feel like a serious contender as a gourmet burger – an interesting choice since Croatia doesn’t have much competition when it comes to gourmet burgers. Now unfortunately, with that many ingredients they’re not going to stand out as you bit into it, but nonetheless the mish mash is an enjoyable one, though ours had a little too much mayo. The Zinger coating from the chicken is the last lingering flavour to pass over your buds. Would eat again. 4.7/5


The Usual Menu

Fries: they are the typical KFC medium thickness, well seasoned and freshly cooked. We took the offer of a dipping sauce – chilli – which gave a mild sweet and spicy punch to the fries. 4.3/5

Chicken piece: we ordered one single piece of chicken and received a breast. Even though it was near the end of the night and was presumably under the warmer for hours it still had a bit of juice in it. Clean tasting meat, breading tasted as it should. 4/5